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Friday, February 19, 2010


Having nothing to do in one evening, we took the restless boys to a nearby shop for prawning. They jumped and shouted hurray when we told them this decision. Ha, kids...

The baits, sea worm, cost RM 5 / bowl. I got goose bumps when I saw them. No way I'm going to touch it now or ever. Husband didn't have the guts to touch them too. So, what to do?

Luckily we brought a fishing expert along - the grandpa. Otherwise, we couldn't even get started.

The owner told us the prawns like to stick at the corner or near wall area. No wonder everyone was putting their rod near the wall side.

15 minutes later, the fishing expert got the 1st catch. Another 10 minutes, he got another one. During the 1 hr duration time, grandpa had caught 4 prawns.

We then put the prawns into the net. From time to time, son would check if the prawns have escaped.

Son's want-to-touch-but-scare look.

Oh, I've just noticed Vincent was playing with the eerie worm (from this picture). He has no fear with small animals, can be the bravest among us.

Husband didn't get anything, how frustrated !

Anyway, prawning is fun, especially after I have got my 1st catch myself too. Actually, I have got another 2 prawns stuck on the hook, but they managed to free themselves before I pull them over.

This is the one I've got after sitting there for 40 minutes. How excited !

The one and the only one prawn I've got.

Hey, I haven't seen you guys hugging each other for years. What's up?


When the time was due (RM 12.5 for 1 hr), we brought home 5 prawns. After reached home that night, I've done something I didn't do for many years, I killed the live prawns and cooked them. The feeling was not good, don't think I will want to do it next time.

Pizza Lunch

I felt the weather Malaysia was especially hot this year (36-37 C). That made me wanted to hide in the air conditioning room from 12-5 pm, did nothing in particular.

Before CK and his family drove back to JB, I'd suggested everyone to take lunch in Pizza Hut. Although pizza is not my parent's cup of tea, they attended too. Like said, food is not the concern, reunion is.

This happen to be my sister's birthday. Gosh, I didn't realize it until my brother-in-law bought her a cake to the restaurant. (What a lousy sister I am, sorry)

Also, thanks for my brother-in-law who had taken good care of her.

Happy Birthday sis. May this year a wonderful year to you and family !

This niece is mature enough to handle many things for everybody. She serves a good model to the others too. Good work, sis.

First, we ate cake....

then came the pizza and pasta...

One of the pizza we ordered. The taste is quite different from the one we normally eat from HK. Different place, different favor.

My dad seemed very happy on that day. Just that on the next day, he got to be hospitalized again for another unbearable physical problem. He stayed in the hospital for 4 days before discharged. So, Kampar Hospital is a place I visited most frequently besides home.

Looking at those family faces, how I wish I can go out more often with them. But sad to say, going for an family outing has become increasingly difficult as father's condition is not fit for travelling anymore.

Good bye princess, ku-ku see you next year, ok.

Oh yes, congratulations CK. Happy convo this March. We all are so proud of you.

As you grows up so fast, I just want to take more photos together with you as remembrance. Remember the good time we had had together ok?





Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Reunion - Part III

Mom, I promise I will print the below photos for you, together with the one we had taken in last year too, ok?

Everyone is there, except CW and CK. Maybe I will try to cut-and-paste their image in. Wait till I'm free to do it one day.

This is a lovely shot.

For better for worst, we will stick together.

The cousin brothers and cousin sisters. Age from 2 to 12.

Suddenly these numbers strike me, 12-9-6-8-2-6-7-4 Will buy mark-6 tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Can't underestimate the youngest. She thinks she can beat the world.

She can play this for 100X and still fell not enough of it.

Ok, got to stop now. Don't cry, princess.

I wish to see these scenes for many, many upcoming years.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Reunion - Part II

My in-law said they hate taking photo.

Therefore, we never forced them to take any photos with us. But this year, husband insisted. I don't know why? Maybe he was triggered by me, who had taken many photos with my family members by then.

These are the family members I don't really know them well in person. We only saw them once a year, for 3-4 days (except parents-in-laws who will visit us once or twice a year)

Everyone looks different in a way, except the grandparents. Boy, I think they really hate photographing (haha...)

Father-in-law love gardening though. He plants many flowers and vegetable in his private garden. This flower happen to blossom beautifully when we were still there.





Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old Friends' Gathering

Thanks to Facebook, I have the chance to connect some of the old friends whom I've lost contact for nearly 20 years.
This year, we had had a gathering held at Grand Kampar Hotel. The response was good. Many of them drove back all the way from KL just to attend the gathering. And we all had consumed 3 full-table.

It's really amazing to see all those familiar faces again after such a long lapse of silence. And it's good to know they are doing well in many aspects, physical appearance is one of them.

We get to know each other since primary school. Look at us, all grown up alright.

Foods were not our concern, chatting was.

The whole gang.

After dinner, someone suggested to go for dessert-supper at a friend's newly opened shop. Well, why not? We only said good bye at midnight time.
Such a wonderful night !
*Thank you Shirley for contributing the above photos.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Family Reunion - Part I

Like said, CNY is more for family reunions, besides eating-sleeping-eating-sleeping...(we are not mahjong family). Anyway, we have tried to find little something to celebrate for when not sleeping.



This day, we gathered at my parent's place to celebrate my niece's 2nd birthday.

2 light bulbs in CK's family photo, who refused to go away after many times "shoo".

My parents who love to take photo with their grandchildren, complained why I haven't made them a hard copy of the family photos taken in last year? Gosh, the reason is I have completely forgotten about it. Sorry sorry.

Yes, the birthday girl, Christine. Her favorite thing-to-do is still eating-eating-eating...

Happy birthday, little princess in our house.

Ku-ku wish you : 食极唔肥 !!